Moo0 Video Cutter 1.07 (مجاني)
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Extract and Save your Favorite Scenes

Moo0 Video Cutter lets you easily save your favorite movie scenes into seperate video files, without any loss of quality and in the fastest manner.

Aren't your disk drives filled by full of video files lately? You want to delete them, but you can't only because each of them contains some favorite scenes? Then, you may now finally delete them by separating only those scenes using this tool.

Supported Video Formats:
 - AVI, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, OGG, OGV, TP, TS, WEBM, WMV and many more.

 - This program won't alter the original video file. It "creates" the new video file containing the only selected scene, within the same folder by default. Please don't worry about it.
 - The program may occasionally fail to save the audio data together depending on the original video format. Please make sure the audio is also saved correctly before deleting the original file.

تحديث (10/08):     [ تاريخ التحديث (7)
 - It can now cut the videos, preserving the multiple audio streams.
 - Reduced the chance of losing audio after the cut.
 - Added Thai language support in partial.

تحديث (08/16):
 - Added Chinese (Simplified) language support.
 - Added Italian language support.

الصينية المبسطةالدعم كان ممكنا بفضلZhang Zhe حقا بفضل الكثير

الايطاليةالدعم كان ممكنا بفضلRinaldo M. aka Whiteshark (Whiteshark) حقا بفضل الكثير

تحديث (07/05):
 - Added French language support.
 - Added Hungarian language support.

الفرنسيةالدعم كان ممكنا بفضلR.Chabloz حقا بفضل الكثير

الهنغاريةالدعم كان ممكنا بفضلlostprophet (Lostprophet Magyarítások) حقا بفضل الكثير

تحديث (06/06):
 - Fixed many "Unknown error has happened." errors.
 - If you still see too many errors, please refer to the FAQ section of this page.
 - Added Arabic language support.

عربيالدعم كان ممكنا بفضلEhap Metwally Aly Hassan حقا بفضل الكثير

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اللغة: عربي, الصينية المبسطة, الانجليزية, الفرنسية, Greek, الهنغارية, الايطالية, اليابانية, الكورية, Polish, 26 other languages (partial) - [ المترجمون (7) ]
OS:Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8
سهولة الاستخدام:سهل
اخر تحديث:2013/08/16   [ تاريخ التحديث (7)
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الترخيص:مجاني  (استخدام غير التجاري فقط)  
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أسئلة وأجوبة:(Symptom) "Unknown error has happened." error pops up too often?

If so, please check the registry value:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Control\FileSystem\NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation

If the value is 1, please change it to 0 and reboot the PC. (The default system value is 0 or 2.)

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